Steering Group

The steering group comprises individuals from a number of organisations in Lincoln. These include:

  • University of Lincoln
  • City of Lincoln Council
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • Bishop King CE Primary School
  • The Priory Academy
  • Lincoln Business Improvement Group (BIG)
  • the Education Business Partnership (EBP)

The Steering Group has developed the following Terms of Reference:

To help Lincoln to become a city recognised for its innovative work to support children and young people, a Children of Lincoln Steering Group has been established to steer and drive forward a partner led approach to achieving Child Friendly City status.

The vision of the Steering Group is:

To initiate a children’s rights approach within Lincoln, which promotes the inclusion and participation of every child and young person, so that they may experience a safe, healthy and happy childhood and achieve to the best of their ability – and thus in the longer term be recognised as a UNICEF Child Friendly City.


The Steering Group exists to:

  • Promote children’s rights within the city of Lincoln, as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Encourage and support organisations who come into contact with children to respect children’s right
  • Promote the consideration of children’s rights, interests and voices in decisions which affect children in the city
  • Engage in a programme of activity to address key issues affecting the well-being of children in the city, e.g. around child poverty, school exclusions, mental health services, support for young people in and leaving care, and youth justice
  • Aspire to achieve UNICEF Child Friendly City status for the city of Lincoln, and to investigate the most appropriate methods for doing so


  • Encourage partner buy-in to the Children of Lincoln project
  • Develop and agree a shared concept of child and young people poverty in Lincoln, it’s challenges and key ways to address these as a partnership
  • Provide a group/forum where members can share ideas and learning to assist Lincoln in achieving UNICEF Child Friendly City status
  • Identify opportunities for further partnership working to help children and young people in Lincoln experience a safe, healthy and happy childhood and achieve to the best of their ability
  • Act as a consultative group throughout the delivery of the Lincoln Child Friendly City project, identify areas of good practice, identify gaps in delivery and advise on ongoing activit
  • Make links to other relevant groups and partnerships in the city working on other agendas seeking to increase inclusion and participation of children and young people


Membership of this Steering Group is open to organisations from the different sectors in the city that are able to represent the perspectives of their sector and provide support to enable Lincoln to become a Child Friendly City.Membership requests by organisations from sectors not already represented will be put forward to the Steering Group for decision.


Chair: Sue Bond-Taylor – University of Lincoln

Vice chair: Anna Tarrant – University of Lincoln

Frequency of meetings: Bimonthly.



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